DA #3

September 11, 2007

I read procrastination kills. This blog is about how some cops believe they are above the law. I agree with the author of this post about having respect about law enforcement officers however sometimes they go too far. Some cops believe that people do not have rights. This article influenced me to do some research of my own. Apparently there are several videos of cops abusing their powers. People attack others many times for no apparent reason. This makes me think the opposite of the good life. I want a world where people can do the right thing. People shouldn’t abuse other’s rights. Especially not anyone in law enforcement. Police officers are here for our safety not to make a scene in public and be on television. The good life should have people getting along not causing violence in society. Well that won’t be soon but perhaps someday we will have peace.  Peace is the best form of the good life for me because with out peace the world may tear itself apart and that would not be good.

This is a video of cops gone wild. Special thanks to youtube.com.


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