The Good Life

September 14, 2007

      The good life to me is doing what I want to do with nobody to bother me.  I enjoy being alone relaxing.  My “good life” is sitting on a lawn chair in a beach in Long Island fishing.  Fishing is a very relaxing activity.  Granted in this good life I would prefer not getting the scales of the fish on my hands because they smell terrible and are hard to get off.  Relaxing is to me my favorite part of life.  I enjoy days where I don’t even need to move.  Also in my interpretation of the good life there would be video games.  I feel that without videogames my world would be lame and boring.  To me there is a difference between relaxing for excessive amounts of time and being lazy.  My good life would be having a room that I am separated from contact.  I like solitude.  Being alone allows me to focus on work and things that I personally want to get done.  

     For me the good life is always changing.  Often times I enjoy different things.  I never do the same thing everyday.  Change is not always bad.  To me it is sometimes.  My good life would consist of a schedule of things that I feel like doing but I do these things on alternating days otherwise I would drive myself in bordom. 

      One thing I know for sure is that no matter how good my good life sounds to me, I know, that if it was my life, then I most likely would drive myself insane.  The truth is that I do not fully know what my good life consists of because there are many things I have not tried or expeienced.  I’m still waiting to find out where my life takes me. 


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