The good life Using love letters

September 21, 2007

    The passage “Love Letters” taught lessons that I can relate to.  In this story a girl was writing letters to her “old man” who was in jail and then was “popped”.  She wrote letters to him very often.  However she never sent them.  She was all alone and she didn’t know what to do with her life.  I can relate to this when I went to Germany.  I was in the foreign exchange program.  I too was all alone.  I would write letters to my parents all the time.  Sometimes I did not send them.  I liked having the memory of writing the letters.  I would write out an extra copy and kept one for myself.

I think this story reminds me of the good life because writing letters helps us remember our pasts and it helps us remember those who are precious to us when we are not around them.  Memories help people get through difficult times.  To me the good life involves remembering those who are precious to me even if they are dead I still will remember them and the memories help me as well as they helped the girl in “Love Letters”.


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