Lazy friends

October 26, 2007

I have a friend who just so happens to be doing rather poorly in almost all of his classes.  I am fairly upset with him because he is too lazy to put forth the effort and do his work.  I have asked him over and over to get his work done but he would rather play games and eat.  I suppose I feel alright about his situation because he is doing the things he wants to be doing but at the same time I feel like I need to punch him in the face a couple of times to get my point across to him.  I would be very disappointed if he was kicked out of the college he is attending for failing to pass even a quarter of his classes.  I have not missed a homework or even a class yet even though I had a wake and funeral for two different people in the same week.  I even wrote a five page essay.  The only excuse he can give me is that he is not good at school.  Is that even a legit statement?  I do not think you can be good at school.  I know you can put in effort effort you can be successful.  That is what I do.

I suppose life works out in the end the way people want it so I just hope it works out for him.  I think this relates to the good life because if you think about it, the good life is yet to be determined.  People think they know what they want but I don’t think they do.  I think every body’s life is predestined but that doesn’t mean you should purposely mess up your life.  As long as your happy in the end is all that matters to me.


American Beauty Part 2

October 19, 2007

American Beauty has a couple of ways showing the good life.  The good life is a dream life that everyone wants to achieve.  Some people like Lester live such bad lives that being recognized is all they want from life.  Lester and his wife really do not see eye to eye.  Lester was like a puppet.  He did as he was told and did not ask questions.  He knew that he was being treated like crap and this is what made him snap.  When Lester met Angela, his life changed dramatically.  He knew that he could not go on coasting through live as if he were barely alive. Barely living is not always worth living.  Lester realizes this.  He begins to resume his life as a teenager and do what he used to do.  When he met Ricky Fitts, Lester  begins to smoke pot and relive his glory days.  Although I am very sure that many people argue that Lester fantasizing over an underage young hot babe is wrong, but it was good for him because she made him feel alive.  Even though this all may seem weird but I think Lester found himself a good life because of the goodness he had felt right before he died.  He had not been that happy in a long time.

American Beauty part 1

October 12, 2007

American Beauty is a movie that clearly shows the good life. It shows that the good life is worth fighting for. The main character Lester is awaken by the sight of a beautiful young girl. Although he is fully aware that this girl is the same age as his daughter, he still fantasizes about being together with her. Lester is a married man who leads a very unhappy life. Lester’s wife decides to cheat on him with a rich real estate agent. Lester befriends his new next door neighbor and they smoke pot together. This is actually good for Lester because he came out of his shell and is now more open in expressing how he feels about certain things. I believe Lester is living the good life because he opened up and started doing the things that he used to like doing.  He opened up and now won’t let other people control his life.

good life of someone else

October 5, 2007

Late this week I was talking to a friend and he was talking about how successful he was.  I asked him how he did it and he said that he had found something that he cared about and wouldn’t give up on that thing no matter what.  He got into art.  He always had a passion for it.  His passion for art landed himself a girlfriend along with a solid job making a decent amount of money.  He claims that it all was made by the passion of art.  Art is what he loved and this is his good life.  He says that he has everything that he has ever wanted and thinks that he wants to settle down with this girl.  This is his good life and I hope mine is similar some day.