American Beauty part 1

October 12, 2007

American Beauty is a movie that clearly shows the good life. It shows that the good life is worth fighting for. The main character Lester is awaken by the sight of a beautiful young girl. Although he is fully aware that this girl is the same age as his daughter, he still fantasizes about being together with her. Lester is a married man who leads a very unhappy life. Lester’s wife decides to cheat on him with a rich real estate agent. Lester befriends his new next door neighbor and they smoke pot together. This is actually good for Lester because he came out of his shell and is now more open in expressing how he feels about certain things. I believe Lester is living the good life because he opened up and started doing the things that he used to like doing.  He opened up and now won’t let other people control his life.


2 Responses to “American Beauty part 1”

  1. jennifer Says:

    Okay, that is an interesting perspective on “the good life” — because certainly many people might argue that fantasizing about underage girls and smoking pot (*with* and purchased from the *teenager* next door) is problematic and irresponsible (something not commonly associated with “the good life”). In fact, it has all the stereotypcial elements of a mid-life crisis (how’s that fora a wikipedia entry?).

    Also, as you point out yourself, Lester is “an unhappy man.” Is the unhappiness brought on in any way by his seemingly picture perfect life?

    Undoubtably though, Lester certainly feels that he has a new lease one life. He makes many comments throughout that stress that fact, including in the beginning when he narrates the fact that both his wife and daughter think he’s a big loser. He admits he has lost something, and then says, “But it’s never too late to get it back.” (Of course there is a sense of irony about this line because he ends up dead at the end, so it is too late in some ways).

  2. mikeyz Says:

    Well I was actually going for more of a change in Lester’s life that had made him happy. Regardless of him going the right thing or being responsible I believe Lester found a median in his life. I think this median though akward to talk about as being a good thing, ma have been the wa Lester wanted things to turn out. He was in shape, and was reliving the glory days. So he became a little bit of a wacko, as long as he was happy doing it I think he found his good life.

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