American Beauty Part 2

October 19, 2007

American Beauty has a couple of ways showing the good life.  The good life is a dream life that everyone wants to achieve.  Some people like Lester live such bad lives that being recognized is all they want from life.  Lester and his wife really do not see eye to eye.  Lester was like a puppet.  He did as he was told and did not ask questions.  He knew that he was being treated like crap and this is what made him snap.  When Lester met Angela, his life changed dramatically.  He knew that he could not go on coasting through live as if he were barely alive. Barely living is not always worth living.  Lester realizes this.  He begins to resume his life as a teenager and do what he used to do.  When he met Ricky Fitts, Lester  begins to smoke pot and relive his glory days.  Although I am very sure that many people argue that Lester fantasizing over an underage young hot babe is wrong, but it was good for him because she made him feel alive.  Even though this all may seem weird but I think Lester found himself a good life because of the goodness he had felt right before he died.  He had not been that happy in a long time.


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