Making money without doing too much work

November 2, 2007

    One of my friends found this great website where one can make money. You make money by the amount of profile views and by recruiting people to the website. This website is almost the same as myspace. It is almost exactly alike. You can make money by referring people to the sight. For example if you click here you will come to my referral area where if you joined, it would benefit the person who you were referred by. The profiles look like this. It is a great way to talk to friends because with the comments and views you can earn money if you get enough views in the month.

This makes me think of the good life in several ways.  For instance this is an easy way to make some extra spending money.  I can just sit and watch my profile flourish.  Also it is an easy way to keep in touch with friends.  It is easy to work with and I believe if the word spreads, this website could take off and become more popular than myspace or facebook.   With the average  of 800 new users per day, the website can thrive.  Advertisements  will want to be on the page  due to the web site’s popularity.   I also think this  is great for the maker because if he can afford to pay the users then he must be makeing a nice profit off of the site.  Also this attracts people.  I see only positives in this site.


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