Run away…

November 9, 2007

Personally for me this week has been rather rough. I received a C on a paper that I thought I did better on. I was wondering about how I could forget about having such a failure for a grade. In order to graduate I need a B. I wanted to drown myself in music to help me forget about the grade. Eventually I came to a song by Linkin Park called Run Away. I thought that maybe mentally I could run away from the bad score and stress that took over me this week. However I began to realize that even if I was able to mentally ‘run away’ from this bad day in school, then it would almost be lying from myself as if nothing had ever happened. I think that lying to yourself makes you worse off than you were originally. This relates to the good life because many people deal with tough times in different ways. However if you forget about the hardships, then it is as if a clump of lies just build up inside of you and creates a snowball effect. However I manage to rid myself of all stress and find the good in my soul which overwrites any anger or upset feelings, or perhaps I just get overwhelmed with a not terrible but still bad grade.


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