Getting away like a bad boy!

November 16, 2007

Today was a great day in my eyes as well as others.  I just love it when people make mistakes.  Everyone including myself knows that no one is perfect however I enjoy living that fact up.  As bad as I feel (which is not very bad at all), I took advantage of someone’s error.  I received my history midterm today and noticed that my grade was wrong.  Of course I did not tell the teacher, what kind of person do you think I am.  I looked at my grade and then looked at my paper.  She even wrote the points that I had obtained and added them up.  However that which should have been a 76.5 percent ended up being an 86.5 percent.  Would you give up ten points to honesty?  Normally I would, but to me this is a different case.  The way I see school is like a life prison.  I must work my tail off to do something that I do not really feel like doing; but if I fail to graduate I will always be a failure.  When I fail, I always fail but people see me as succeeding.  It contradicts itself.  One of the mottoes I live by is “once a failure always a failure”.  It seems as though when one person is happy someone else is unhappy.  There is no right.  So I think making myself happy with a grade that I do not deserve is right enough by me to make me happy for the next three or four hours.  Moral of my story is that there is no pleasing me.  My parents call me their most successful failure because even when I succeed I  feel  like the effort that I put in wasn’t worth it or whatever I did right was a waste of time.  As I said… There is no pleasing me.

(If anyone reads this and can relate or can even understand what I wrote just leave a comment.)


One Response to “Getting away like a bad boy!”

  1. jennifer Says:

    I bet that if you pointed out the error to your teacher, s/he would leave the extra points on there anyway b/c it was his/her error.

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