perspectives on the good life.

November 30, 2007

Just recently I had a chat at 2:15 am with my R. A. Shawn Gilligan, about what he defines as the good life.  He stated that “the good life to me is whatever makes me happy”.  (Gilligan)  He believes that for himself, the good life is staying up until early and reading comic books.  He enjoys comic books such as “Spider man”.   He is now only reading Spider man because he did not think he would survive needing to read about how his favorite super heroes died such as the amazing ‘Captain America’.  balls After seeing ‘Captain America’ fall, Shawn never did think he would recover.  It was a blow below the belt as some may say.  Shawn is a hard core comic book fan.  His most prized possession in a comic book named ‘Yogie Bear visits the U.N.’.  Shawn had his eye on this book for almost a full year before he finally purchased it.  He is so proud of the comic book for lasting so long in such great condition.  The comic book itself is in great condition however due to age and wear, the pages are turning a brownish color somewhat like the color of the Declaration of Independence.  Shawn found his good life through his comics and super heroes.  And now he is a hero to many.


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