American Beauty part 1

October 12, 2007

American Beauty is a movie that clearly shows the good life. It shows that the good life is worth fighting for. The main character Lester is awaken by the sight of a beautiful young girl. Although he is fully aware that this girl is the same age as his daughter, he still fantasizes about being together with her. Lester is a married man who leads a very unhappy life. Lester’s wife decides to cheat on him with a rich real estate agent. Lester befriends his new next door neighbor and they smoke pot together. This is actually good for Lester because he came out of his shell and is now more open in expressing how he feels about certain things. I believe Lester is living the good life because he opened up and started doing the things that he used to like doing.  He opened up and now won’t let other people control his life.


good life of someone else

October 5, 2007

Late this week I was talking to a friend and he was talking about how successful he was.  I asked him how he did it and he said that he had found something that he cared about and wouldn’t give up on that thing no matter what.  He got into art.  He always had a passion for it.  His passion for art landed himself a girlfriend along with a solid job making a decent amount of money.  He claims that it all was made by the passion of art.  Art is what he loved and this is his good life.  He says that he has everything that he has ever wanted and thinks that he wants to settle down with this girl.  This is his good life and I hope mine is similar some day.

The good life through song

September 28, 2007

Often times people will talk about the good life though song. Many times it is not the good life but rather the hardships that some people under go in their lives. Kanye West has a song called “Good Life”. This song speaks of the good life for a guy.  Helping his mother and meeting cute girl seems to be the character in the song’s version of the good life.  Helping people and living life to the fullest.

However Everlast’s song “What It’s Like” is a whole other story.  This song is the opposite of the good life it speaks of struggles and difficulties in people’s lives.  This is the opposite of anyone’s good life because it speaks of families losing their fathers from shootings and women being called a whore when they have to make the decision about getting an abortion.

Life sometime can be harsh but if we have a good life idea we may be able to change our lives and others for the best.

    The passage “Love Letters” taught lessons that I can relate to.  In this story a girl was writing letters to her “old man” who was in jail and then was “popped”.  She wrote letters to him very often.  However she never sent them.  She was all alone and she didn’t know what to do with her life.  I can relate to this when I went to Germany.  I was in the foreign exchange program.  I too was all alone.  I would write letters to my parents all the time.  Sometimes I did not send them.  I liked having the memory of writing the letters.  I would write out an extra copy and kept one for myself.

I think this story reminds me of the good life because writing letters helps us remember our pasts and it helps us remember those who are precious to us when we are not around them.  Memories help people get through difficult times.  To me the good life involves remembering those who are precious to me even if they are dead I still will remember them and the memories help me as well as they helped the girl in “Love Letters”.

The Good Life

September 14, 2007

      The good life to me is doing what I want to do with nobody to bother me.  I enjoy being alone relaxing.  My “good life” is sitting on a lawn chair in a beach in Long Island fishing.  Fishing is a very relaxing activity.  Granted in this good life I would prefer not getting the scales of the fish on my hands because they smell terrible and are hard to get off.  Relaxing is to me my favorite part of life.  I enjoy days where I don’t even need to move.  Also in my interpretation of the good life there would be video games.  I feel that without videogames my world would be lame and boring.  To me there is a difference between relaxing for excessive amounts of time and being lazy.  My good life would be having a room that I am separated from contact.  I like solitude.  Being alone allows me to focus on work and things that I personally want to get done.  

     For me the good life is always changing.  Often times I enjoy different things.  I never do the same thing everyday.  Change is not always bad.  To me it is sometimes.  My good life would consist of a schedule of things that I feel like doing but I do these things on alternating days otherwise I would drive myself in bordom. 

      One thing I know for sure is that no matter how good my good life sounds to me, I know, that if it was my life, then I most likely would drive myself insane.  The truth is that I do not fully know what my good life consists of because there are many things I have not tried or expeienced.  I’m still waiting to find out where my life takes me. 

DA #3

September 11, 2007

I read procrastination kills. This blog is about how some cops believe they are above the law. I agree with the author of this post about having respect about law enforcement officers however sometimes they go too far. Some cops believe that people do not have rights. This article influenced me to do some research of my own. Apparently there are several videos of cops abusing their powers. People attack others many times for no apparent reason. This makes me think the opposite of the good life. I want a world where people can do the right thing. People shouldn’t abuse other’s rights. Especially not anyone in law enforcement. Police officers are here for our safety not to make a scene in public and be on television. The good life should have people getting along not causing violence in society. Well that won’t be soon but perhaps someday we will have peace.  Peace is the best form of the good life for me because with out peace the world may tear itself apart and that would not be good.

This is a video of cops gone wild. Special thanks to

Ancient Beehive Worshiped?

September 7, 2007

According to Dracona’s weblog, there was a 3,000 year old bee hive discovered in a valley Israel. According to, this bee hive may have been worshiped a long time ago. According to the article there were bits and pieces of an alter around the hive.

I find things like this interesting because it is amazing how new information about ancient cultures is still buried. I believe that there is still many things to be discovered about the world we live in and our pasts. This relates to my “good life” because I am simply fascinated by the fact that there is so much information about the past and we are only scratching the surface. Also this refers to my version of the good life because I like to discover new thing.